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The former Municipal Social Services on Oudenoord 275 became a 14-story exhibition space for 1 year. Reason for this was that it was a so-called “sick building” (bad ventilation) so working spaces were not an option. This became a manifestation space. During this year we had 44 exhibitions, visited by 40.000 people. There were many performances, workshops and even the elevators were used to confront people with art. The first floor harbored Kantine Werklust where the Moroccan and Dutch “cuisine” brotherly shared a plate. There was also a disco on this floor. The rent incomes and a small subsidy from the city covered the costs of staff and publicity. I personally gave form to the top floor. Half of it was a workshop space where, among others, the school for creative entrepreneurs, Kaospilots, resided. The other half had a marvelous view of the city. I made a beach concept with surround sound of the sea and sand on the ground where friends met to enjoy the view, picnic and play beachball.