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The Pharmaceutical Laboratorium on the Catharijnesingel was offered for 1 year, for nothing, by the City of Utrecht. In the main building itself the spaces were so huge that merely paying for the heating would be too expensive for artists. Therefore, I chose to make this our first manifestation space and invited all the artists in. The large spaces served well for exhibitions, performances with audience, a café, a theater and a disco. Other buildings in the same complex were rented out as working- and living spaces which made that we had a reasonable monthly budget for projects. The rental incomes of the living and working spaces and the café and disco were used to make the projects possible financially. But without the effort of very many artists, Sophie’s Palace would not have been possible. The projects that took place in this year were, amongst others: The first Boulevard D’Unica, Classics-4-Kids, KunstKleurRijk (a 3 day presentation of the amateur sing, dans and music companies in Utrecht) A Matter of Memory (Art in Remembrance), Gedroomde Gedichten (edition of a bundle of poems with an exhibition accompanying (  not to speak of the disco De Societeit, the    eatery Het Konkrijk en the many, many performances, acts and appearances.