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I’ve always wanted to make art that touches people. To cause a personal experience. I make sculptures that remind you of your most noble feelings. The feelings that connect you most intimately to another person. Because I think they are the most important thing we have in life:

To love and to be loved



My mission as an artist and as a person is to investigate and experience what love is. To learn love from daily interaction and to manifest love in my actions.To translate love into monuments that help myself and others remember why we are.


Making a sculpture in memory of someone is a very special commission. Starting point is the memories of the family and I listen well. I ask them what memories they have of the deceased, what made this person so special, why they loved him/her. Then what I get is treasure of beautiful stories and loving anecdotes. For me is the task of translating these memories into a sculpture. A thankful task because the family really wants this.