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Fort Blauwkapel offered a fantastic and safe space for further activities with children. A fenced area with a lot of greenery and plenty of space in front of the bunker to build and play. Firstly, the asphalt was covered with a thick layer of sand so that kids could kick of their shoes and run around barefoot. And then the amphitheater was built. Initially the program centered around theater, following the popular Classics-4-Kids program that was a playful introduction to classical music for young children. When it appeared that the Fort would be available longer the accent shifted from theater to visual arts. Fort-4-Kids was the place where kids together with artists let their wildest fantasies go free and did whatever they wanted without parental supervision. When the parents came to collect their offspring it was possible to enjoy and play with the produced objects, to have a nice meal on the artificial beach and to make a fire as the sun set. Classics-4-Kids and Fort-4-Kids were forerunners of Kids-Art-Park. For further explanation about the concept see: Kids-Art-Park.